Saturday, March 1, 2008

To all African people living in New Zealand

To all African people living in New Zealand.

This letter is to let all African people living in New
Zealand about the discrimination that is happening
here in New Zealand in regard to the testing,
diagnosis and treatment in the area of enforced HIV
illness. And the letter has been sent to one of the
prominent figure within the African community. We will
appreciate if you can pass on this letter to other
African people within the community.

I believe that the human and health rights of Africans
in New Zealand are being severely transgressed in the
testing, diagnosis and treatment (especially when
enforced) of HIV disease. This discrimination is
manifest in several forms.

Simply being Black African in New Zealand is seen as
"high risk" compared to being tested in African
countries. This is an important consideration in
relation to interpretation of the tests (because the
interpretation is arbitrary).
The staff deciding the test results are informed in
their own 2000 handbook: "By mid 1999, 1,355 patients
had been reported with HIV infection since the
beginning of the epidemic and 678 with AIDS. Currently
there are about 700 HIV infected people living in New
Zealand of whom 107 have AIDS. Homosexual males remain
the biggest identifiable risk group (63% now) but in
the last 18 months infected heterosexual immigrants,
particularly from Africa, are the most rapidly
increasing group. After falling for several years, the
number of newly reported HIV infected people rose in
1998, significantly contributed to by this immigrant
group." I.e. it's those Black Africans who are
increasing our rate of HIV disease, not our racist
coercion in testing. Black Africans are more than 200
times more likely to be "positive" on these tests.
Rules of privacy and confidentiality are not adhered
to; the doctors reason that hospital personnel have a
right to know if a Black African has HIV so they don't
"catch" the AIDS disease. This despite the fact that
not one single health care worker anywhere in the
world has contracted AIDS through accidental exposure
in the 23 years since the 'epidemic' began.
Black Africans and their children are being coerced
into these tests, where white Europeans are not. A
Black African presenting with any medical condition,
however unrelated to any possible HIV disease, to a
New Zealand hospital suffers great pressure to get an
HIV test.
MOH and Statistics NZ figures demonstrate that Black
Africans have a higher prevalence of HIV in New
Zealand than the reported rate in extremely high risk
and frequently tested prisoners in South African
prisons. The prison population comprises intravenous
drug users and men who have sex with men without
condoms. Given that these prisoners are all tested
every 6 months, how can it be that clean-living,
monogamous Africans in New Zealand are more likely to
have HIV disease? There is something very wrong with
this picture.
Black Africans are much more likely to have a false
positive test result due to exposure to TB, malaria,
leprosy, inherited blood disorders like sickle cell
anaemia, malnutrition and many other factors.
MOH statistics also demonstrate that over 300 Black
Africans in New Zealand at this time have HIV disease.
Many if not most of these likely represent false
positives, but people are instructed to take anti-HIV
medicines that are extremely harmful (and more so to
Black people). In the case of Black African children,
the parents are being ordered by the courts to give
their children the anti-HIV medicine.
Almost every person taking these drugs experiences
severe and life-threatening side effects. Most adults
decide the treatment is worse than the disease and
stop taking the drugs. Black African children do not
have this right according to the doctors.
Doctors are lying to the courts by stating that
HIV-infected Africans pose a risk to the wider
community if they refuse anti-HIV drugs; even the
manufacturers drug prescribing sheets state that
taking the drugs does not prevent transmission to
In any event, HIV appears to have extremely low
transmissibility; a study in the US followed hundreds
of couples where one partner was positive and the
other negative for 10 years. Twenty five percent of
the couples did not use condoms regularly, and 47
couples reported having unsafe sex, but not one single
negative person became positive.
It is certain that many Africans have died from taking
the anti-HIV drugs. More than 20% of Black Americans
have a genetic difference in the way their body
processes the drugs, which can result in blood drug
levels three times higher than they should be – a
potentially lethal dose. In Black Africans this
genetic difference is likely to be higher than 20%.
When the African person dies from these drugs, the
doctors write "AIDS" on the death certificate.
We feel these issues need to be raised publicly; Black
Africans have a right to know these facts. An article
highlighting these concerns is in the process of being
written and will be published on the
website, but it isn't enough. I am hoping that as a
prominent African in NZ you can help bring to light
these terrible injustices.

We have been working with 2 excellent human rights
lawyers on one individual case, and the lawyers would
be happy to instigate a class-action lawsuit on behalf
of all Black Africans who may have been harmed, or
whose rights have been infringed by the racist medical
system in New Zealand.

Yours sincerely

Felix Mwashomah & Cathy van Miert

Tel: 09-5277257, or 09-5261954.

Tuko Sayari moja, tunaishi dunia mbali mbali
Maisha chemsha bongo, jaza mwenyewe.
bullbuster said...

Sounds like the sort of misinformation that Mugabe uses to stay in power. All immigrants - white, black, yellow or red are HIV tested and any positive are treated. Do you want your children to die early?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm black and I live in NZ and I think your allegations are baseless and not well researched. Yeah, yeah the HIV tests were done but I personaly do not see anything out of the ordinary here.

Anonymous said...

what are you doing here anyway? maybe you should go back to where you come from if you don't like the way we treat you.

Anonymous said...

it is this type of idiocy and ignorance,which typifies most attitudes in NZ-why should he return home do you think all foreigners should return or just africans.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand has every right to test people from high prevalance countries, and that includes all sub-saharan migrants that have a higher risk of HIV exposure. People with HIV cost the government hundreds of thousands a year in medical cost, all funded by the taxpayer. We must reduce the cost of this. Your views are baseless and bias against the very country which took you in. If you don't like NZ, then move out.

leandro said...


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Anonymous said...

As you can see in this world, everyone has the right to speak their mind,as we all know that the truth will always hurt. We all know that this deadly Virus was a man made that our people in the communities are paying the painful price today, no need to look back on holocaust when man was practicing on evil deed's, so called experiment, on another human been and children, if you have a heart you will shed tears.
They mixed up some deadly concoction they called Small pox, Chicken pox, German pox, because since they can find a cure after it's evil damage and the lives lost, man still don't learn to leave nature alone. So we can't blame New Zealand as mother New Zealand is the best, compare to most other countries, I am not interested in talking about so called Racism, to me that word tells me that you are afraid of me or that i am better than you in that case you will call me names and you don't want to share or be near me, like they said Jealousy can kill, Hate can kill so can Racist. So since we all know that to be a Racist means that you can kill people including children and that's the truth. So please stop your campaign if you know that you don't have HIV, remember that no one is perfect, Black, White, Yellow or whatever. Mugabe is bad but not as bad as Adolf Hitler and the rest of them, yet you still have wanna be Rednecks worshiping him today, can someone please tell those girls to stop making that Animal Farm movies, having sex with Animals is a SIN and deadly.
To the so called English folks that are migrating to New Zealand, Leave your stupid rubbish behind, New Zealand is a loving country, don't bring your Racist behaviour and attitude and let the real KIWI take your blame... I Love New Zealand.

Lena said...

mr anoymous your comment was noithing but racist and nasty, i am a white born and bred kiwi and i find you a poor representative for us kiwis speaking on behalf as a nation. I am so ashamed and embarssed to be a kiwi when i hear another fellow kiwi talk like that. I only hope that the africians can see that we are not all that shallow.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd!!! Please correct me if I'm wrong... but did you not want "freedom" in your own country in Africa? Did blacks not expel whites from Africa so that they could have their land back? Now you come here - after you f@$#d up your country - to live under a white government again? If you don't like the way we do things here then why don't you just go back to the African filth hole where you come from!? What are you doing here anyway...!? You are in no position to tell us what we can and can not do you f#$n NIGGER-BLACK-FUCK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Niggers can't be choosers! :)

Anonymous said...

Black Africans shouldn't be allowed to emigrate to New Zealand. Surely NZ can see what problems they cause everywhere else they go. Wake up! Don't let political correct bigotry close your mind to the facts.

samuel welsh said...

this is stupid and racist bless all africans in nz
all racists suck
racists should leave nz

samuel welsh said...

racist leave nz for good
african people welcome to come

Anonymous said...

Wow! im speechless, it looks like we are going nowhere we hate each other. and sadly the people who comments the most don't, belong to New Zealand. Why?

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