Saturday, July 5, 2008

change of blog address

Dear All,
Its with pleasure I wish to inform u of the change of address of our blog The new address now is, just in case u did not come across the advert that publicised the new development.
Reason: This was due to the fact that the site is now a proper website and not a blog although the name sounds so. Ase all know space on the blog is limited and even the paid one does not suffice the needs of a busy blogger like truly. Therefore, with the new site space is abudant and enables me post as many items without fear of exceeding limit.
New product: Also the new has come with a sister going by the name of that as the name implies is bongos answer to youtube. therefore feel free to sign in and share ur videos with all wadau. The service is for free.
Pse accept my appologies for any inconveniences caused and at the same time take this opportunity for your continued support. should u have any query or advice of event constructive criticism ur welcome and i wont feel offended.
Yours truly
Muhidin Issa Michuzi
Unknown said...

Huyu mjamii hana lolote, hana blog ya jamii wala nini. Comments za watu huwa anachagua kuziweka. Poa mkulu, at least umeanza kuwajibika, ahsante kwa kutuwekea habari.

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